1. The Shell Advantage Rewards Shell Helix Affordable Premium Range RM25 OFF Q1 Consumer Promotion 2021 (“Promotion”) is jointly organized by Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd (Company No. 6087-M) (“SMTSB”) and Shell Timur Sdn Bhd (Company No. 113304-H) (“STSB”), collectively known as “Shell”.
  2. The Promotion Period is from 1st February 2021 (12:01AM) to 31st May 2021 (11:59PM) both dates inclusive, which can be extended by Shell without prior notice, and subject to Clause 4
  3. This Promotion is open to all Shell customers in Malaysia (“Participants”) at selected participating SHARE outlets (“Participating Workshops”) only.
  4. This Promotion is only applicable and limited to the first ten thousand (10,000) vehicles that redeem the Promotion Benefit from the Participating Workshops. The Promotion Code shall only be valid for two (2) months from its date of issuance.
  5. The Qualifying Product for this Promotion is any of the following:
    1. Shell Helix ECO 0W-20 3.5L Pack
    2. Shell Helix HX8 SN Plus 0W-20 4L Pack
    3. Shell Helix HX8 5W-40 SN Plus 4L Pack
    4. Shell Helix HX8 X 5W-30 4L Pack
    5. Shell Helix HX8 Synthetic 5W-40 4L Pack
  6. To participate in the Promotion and redeem the Promotion Benefit:
    1. Participants must register to be a member of Shell Advantage Rewards (SHARE).
    2. Participants will receive a Promotion Code via SMS or Rewards Page from the SHARE Platform.
    3. For non-members of SHARE, participants must register as a SHARE member to obtain the Promotion Code. Other terms and conditions in relation to the SHARE program shall apply.
    4. Participants must show the unique Promotion Code to the representative of the Participating Workshops to redeem the Promotion Benefit.
    5. Participants must purchase any one of the Qualifying Products from the Participating Workshops and service his/her car using the said Qualifying Product at the Participating Workshops.
    6. For the avoidance of doubt, Participants who purchase Qualifying Products from any other party other than the Participating Workshops shall not be eligible for this Promotion.

  7. Participants who fulfil all the steps stated Clause 6 shall enjoy the following Promotion Benefit:
    1. For purchase and vehicle servicing with Shell Helix ECO or Shell Helix HX8: RM25.00 discount off the final invoice amount.
  8. Only one (1) unique Promotion Code per SHARE account per vehicle may be redeemed during the Promotion Period at Participating Workshops. Further redemptions on the same vehicle shall not be entertained.
  9. By participating in this Promotion and redeeming the Promotion Benefit, the Participants expressly agree and consent to:
    1. participate in this Promotion and be bound by the Promotion Terms and Conditions including all Shell’s decisions in relation to the Promotion;
    2. allow Shell, its Affiliates and its agencies to process and disclose to any third party, all personal data of the Participants provided by the Participants for this Promotion for any and all purposes in relation to this Promotion and any and all other activity relating to or arising from the course of business or businesses of Shell and its Affiliates;
    3. allow Shell to collect, use, disclose and share amongst themselves and their respective service providers, the Participants’ personal data, including the photographs or audio-video or other recordings of the Participants for publicity and/or use in advertisements across all media, in its original or edited format, and whether to promote the Promotion or otherwise without further notification, remuneration or compensation; and
    4. authorize Shell to process the Participants’ personal data provided pursuant to this Promotion in accordance to the Promotion Privacy Policy which forms an integral part of the Promotion Terms and Conditions.
  10. All Shell’s decision on all matters including but not limited to the eligibility of the Participants, Promotion Mechanics and/or Promotion Benefit for this Promotion or in the event of any dispute shall be final and binding and no correspondence or appeals shall be entertained.
  11. Shell reserves the right to cancel, terminate or suspend this Promotion with or without any prior notice. For the avoidance of doubt, cancellation, termination or suspension by Shell of this Promotion shall not entitle any party to any claim or compensation against Shell for any and all losses or damage suffered or incurred by any party as a direct or indirect result of the act of cancellation, termination or suspension.
  12. In no event will Shell be liable for any loss or damages including without limitations, loss of income, profits or goodwill, direct or indirect, incidental, consequential, exemplary, punitive or special damages of any party including third parties howsoever arising whether in contract, tort, negligence or otherwise, in connection with this Promotion, even if Shell has been advised of the possibility of such damages in advance, and all such damages are expressly excluded.
  13. All Participants shall be personally responsible for all taxes, rates, government fees or any other charges that may be levied against them under applicable laws, if any, in relation to this Promotion.
  14. Shell reserves the right at its absolute discretion to amend, delete or add to any of these Terms and Conditions from time to time without prior notice.
  15. These Terms and Conditions, as the same may be amended from time to time, shall prevail over any provisions or representations contained in any other promotional material advertising this Promotion.
  16. For more information, please visit Shell Advantage Rewards (SHARE) website at www.shell.com.my/share, or contact SHARE Customer Service at 03- 6206 0399.
  17. In the event where there is any inconsistency(ies), conflict(s), ambiguity(ies) or discrepancy(ies) between English and Bahasa Malaysia versions of these Terms and Conditions, the English version of these Terms and Conditions shall prevail.
  18. Promotion Privacy Policy

    This Promotion Privacy Policy provides information on the processing of your personal data as a result of being (i) a participant of the Promotion, (ii) one of our customers and/or (iii) a visitor to the Shell Malaysia website on which the Promotion will be accessed from ("Website").

    Please read the Privacy Policy carefully so that you can understand how we collect and use the personal data that you provide us. By submitting your personal data to be eligible for the Promotion, you will be treated as having given your consent where necessary and appropriate, for disclosures referred to in this Privacy Policy.

    1. When is this Privacy Policy applicable?
      This Privacy Policy is applicable to the processing of your personal data as a result of being (i) a participant of the Promotion, (ii) one of our customers and/or (iii) a visitor to the Website. On the Website you will find a number of links to other websites. Although these websites are selected with care, we are not responsible for the processing of your personal data through these websites. This Privacy Policy is therefore not applicable to the use of such websites.
    2. Who is the controller of your data?
      The controllers for the processing of your personal data are:
      Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd, a company incorporated and registered in Malaysia with the registration number 6087-M and its principal place of business at Menara Shell, No. 211, Jalan Tun Sambanthan, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; and Shell Timur Sdn Bhd, a company incorporated and registered in Malaysia with the registration number 113304-H and its principal place of business at Bangunan Shell Timur, Titanium Tower, Lot 1, Brighton Square, Jalan Song, 93350, Kuching, Sarawak.
    3. For what purpose do we process your personal data?
      In this Privacy Policy we describe what personal data we process and for what purposes.
      • 3.1 Customer service and relationship management
        • What does this purpose entail?
          If you contact our Customer Service Centre with a question or a complaint, we may ask you for certain information to identify yourself and to help us respond to your enquiry. We use any personal data supplied only for this purpose and to improve our customer support services.
        • Which personal data do we process for this purpose?
          To be able to respond appropriately to your question or complaint, we note details of your question or complaint in our customer database. We may also ask you for contact details in order to keep you informed about your question or complaint.
      • 3.2 Participation in promotions
        • What does this purpose entail?
          Shell regularly runs promotions for its customers. In some cases we will ask you to provide us with your personal data through a registration form, advertisement or website in order to participate in the promotion.
        • Which personal data do we process for this purpose?
          If you choose to participate in such promotions, we may process the personal data provided by you (including your name, mobile telephone number, age, address and e-mail address) in order to register or confirm your participation, to determine whether you fulfill the promotion conditions and to send you any prizes or benefits. Depending on the promotion we may also process information on your participation in the promotion, such as scores, submissions or prizes/benefits won.
      • 3.3 Offers for Shell Products and Services
        • What does this purpose entail?
          As a customer of Shell, you may receive offers and information from Shell (“Offers”). Such Offers may include but are not limited to the issue of:
          • electronic newsletters with offers and general information;
          • Shell fuel or shopping vouchers;
          • discount coupons for Shell shop products.
          You may receive your Offers by regular mail, email, SMS, social media, coupons, through the Website or any other digital channels used by you.
        • Which personal data do we process for this purpose?
          For sending you Offers, we may process the personal data provided by you (including your name, address and e-mail address). In order to be able to provide you with more personalised Offers, Shell may analyse your purchase history (including data regarding (i) specific products you buy, (ii) the total amount of your purchases per transaction, (iii) the time and place of the purchases you make and (iv) the payment method you use), your use of the Website and e-mails you receive from Shell, your location based on your IP-address, your participation in promotions and your responses to surveys.
          In order to determine your preferences, Shell may also combine your personal data already known by affiliates of Shell including those obtained through websites, apps, coupons, social media, survey’s, promotions and other digital channels; Shell branded fuel cards and other payment cards at Shell retail sites, along with purchases of customers with similar interests and supplemental socio-demographic information about you from third party sources in order to analyse your previous purchases.
        • Opting out of Offers
          You can at any time stop receiving Offers by contacting our Customer Service Center at 1-300-88-1808.
      • 3.4 Administering the Promotion
        • What does this purpose entail?
          We process your personal data in order to administer your participation in the Promotion.
        • Which personal data do we process for this purpose?
          We may process any or all of the personal data provided by you during your registration and participation in the Promotion, such as your name, mobile telephone number and e-mail address.
      • 3.5 Technical and functional management of the Website
        • What does this purpose entail?
          When you visit or use the Website, we process some technical information about you (such as your IP address) to provide you the functionalities of our online services and to manage them. With this technical information we are able to manage the Website, for example to resolve technical failures or to improve their reliability.
        • Which personal data do we process for this purpose?
          We process technical data such as the IP address of your computer, tablet or smartphone, details of the pages you have visited on the Website, the web browser you use to surf, previous/subsequent sites that you have visited and the length of your visit/session.
      • 3.6 Preventing, detecting and investigating fraud
        • What does this purpose entail?
          Shell may use the personal data you provide Shell to prevent, detect and investigate fraud and to enforce its Terms and Conditions.
    4. Who has access to your data?
      Shell may disclose your personal data to any of the following:
      • Authorized third party companies involved in the operation of the Promotion, such as any other company that is permitted to supply products and/or services to participants of the Promotion;
      • Any agents, service providers and/or subcontractors of Shell and its affiliates;
      • Any person to whom Shell proposes to transfer any of its rights and/or duties.
      Except as set out in this Privacy Policy, we will not disclose or process any of your personal data without your permission unless we are legally entitled or contractually required to do so or if we believe that such action is necessary to protect and/or defend our rights, property or personal safety and those of our users/customers or other individuals. Only if Shell is required to do so by law, will your personal data be provided to supervisory agencies, fiscal authorities and investigative agencies.
      If at any time you wish us to stop processing your personal data for any or all of the above purposes; please opt-out by contacting our Customer Service Center at 1-300-88-1808.
      We will stop the use of your personal data for such purposes as soon as it is reasonably possible to do so.
    5. For what period do we retain your personal data?
      Your personal data shall be processed as long as the legitimate business purposes set out above exists and for a reasonable time thereafter. We will also close your account (if applicable) as soon as reasonably possible upon the end of your commercial relationship with Shell. We will close or deactivate accounts that are used in violation of this Privacy Policy or applicable Terms and Conditions. Under certain circumstances we will retain personal data from closed or deactivated accounts for longer, such circumstances being the prevention of fraud or to otherwise take actions permitted or required by law.
    6. Which cookies does Shell use?
      The Website uses cookies or similar technology. A cookie is a small text file that is sent to your internet browser so that we are able to recognise your browser when you return. Shell and its authorised service providers may use small graphic images known as ‘clear GIFs’ that work in conjunction with cookies to identify you and your use of the Website and/or App. Shell and such service providers may also use other technologies to store information in your browser utilising local shared objects or local storage, such as HTML 5 cookies, flash cookies and other web application software methods.
      Using these technologies we can collect data on the use of the Website such as which pages are visited, your interaction with information on the Website and the duration of your visit.
      Functional cookies – Shell stores cookies that are essential in providing the functionalities of the Website and/or App. For instance, the cookies remember your preferences, such as language and region, which remain as your default settings when you revisit the Website and/or App. However, should you wish to do so, you can choose to reject or block the cookies set by Shell by changing your browser settings – see the Help function within your browser for further details.
      Web analytics cookies – Shell may use third party cookies for web analysis. Such cookies allow Shell to analyse the usage of the Website and/or App. This relies on aggregated statistical data that Shell’s authorised service providers provide Shell and allows Shell to understand the way you use the Website and/or App. Shell and such service providers may only provide such data to third parties if this is required by law.
      Advertising cookies – Shell may use third party cookies for advertising purposes. Shell may use authorised service providers to serve advertising on the Website and/or App and other websites on the internet. Such service providers may place cookies on your browser, and may collect information that helps them identify your device, such as IP-address, or other unique or device identifiers.
      Please note that most browsers automatically accept cookies so if you do not wish cookies to be used you may need to actively delete or block the cookies.
      You can also visit www.allaboutcookies.org for details on how to delete or reject cookies and for further information on cookies generally. For information on the use of cookies in mobile phone browsers and for details on how to reject or delete such cookies, please refer to your handset manual.
      Note, however, that if you reject the use of cookies you will still be able to visit our websites but some of the functions may not work correctly and you may no longer be able to use all the functionalities of the Website.
    7. Special Notice – if you are under 18 years old?
      Shell does not intentionally collect personal data of persons under 18 years old. If you are under 18 years old please do not send us your personal data (for example, your name, address and email address). If you are less than 18 years old and you wish to ask a question or use the Website in anyway which requires you to submit your personal data please get your parent or guardian to do so on your behalf.
    8. How do we secure your personal data?
      We have implemented technology and policies with the objective of protecting your privacy from unauthorised access and improper use.
    9. Who to address regarding questions and requests of access, removal etc.
      We aim to keep our data about you as accurate as possible. If you would like to review, change or delete the details you have supplied to us, please send your request by contacting our Customer Service Center at 1-300-88-1808.
    10. Modifications and Conflict
      This Privacy Policy may be changed over time. You are advised to regularly review the Privacy Policy for possible changes. In the event of conflict between the English version and the Bahasa Malaysia version of this notice, the English version shall prevail.

    Dasar Privasi Promosi

    Dasar Privasi Promosi ini memberikan maklumat tentang pemprosesan data peribadi anda kerana menjadi (i) salah seorang peserta Promosi, (ii) salah seorang pelanggan kami dan/atau (iii) pengunjung Laman Web Shell Malaysia untuk mengakses Promosi (“Laman Web”).

    Sila baca Dasar Privasi ini dengan teliti supaya anda dapat memahami cara kami mengumpul dan menggunakan data peribadi yang anda berikan kepada kami. Dengan mengemukakan data peribadi untuk melayakkan anda untuk Promosi, anda dianggap telah memberikan persetujuan, jika perlu dan berkenaan, untuk pendedahan yang dirujuk dalam Dasar Privasi ini.

    1. Bilakah Dasar Privasi ini terpakai?
      Dasar Privasi ini terpakai untuk pemprosesan data peribadi anda kerana menjadi (i) salah seorang peserta Promosi, (ii) salah seorang pelanggan kami dan/atau (iii) pengunjung Laman Web. Di Laman Web tersebut, anda akan menemui beberapa pautan ke laman web lain. Walaupun laman web ini dipilih dengan teliti, kami tidak bertanggungjawab terhadap pemprosesan data peribadi anda melalui laman web ini. Oleh itu, Dasar Privasi ini tidak terpakai untuk penggunaan laman web tersebut.
    2. Siapakah pengawal data anda?
      Pengawal bagi pemprosesan data peribadi anda adalah:
      Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd, syarikat yang ditubuhkan dan didaftarkan di Malaysia dengan nombor pendaftaran 6087-M dan tempat perniagaan utamanya di Menara Shell, No. 211, Jalan Tun Sambanthan, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; dan
      Shell Timur Sdn Bhd, syarikat yang ditubuhkan dan didaftarkan di Malaysia dengan nombor pendaftaran 113304-H dan tempat perniagaan utamanya di Bangunan Shell Timur, Titanium Tower, Lot 1, Brighton Square, Jalan Song, 93350, Kuching, Sarawak.
    3. Apakah tujuan kami memproses data peribadi anda?
      Dalam Dasar Privasi ini, kami menerangkan data peribadi yang kami proses dan tujuan ia diproses.
      • 3.1 Khidmat pelanggan dan pengurusan hubungan
        • Apakah yang diperlukan untuk tujuan ini?
          Jika anda menghubungi Pusat Khidmat Pelanggan kami untuk membuat pertanyaan atau aduan, kami mungkin meminta anda memberikan maklumat tertentu bagi mengenal pasti diri anda dan membantu kami menjawab pertanyaan anda. Kami menggunakan apa-apa data peribadi yang diberikan hanya untuk tujuan ini dan untuk menambah baik perkhidmatan sokongan pelanggan kami.
        • Apakah data peribadi yang kami proses untuk tujuan ini?
          Bagi membolehkan kami menjawab pertanyaan atau memberi maklum balas terhadap aduan anda dengan sewajarnya, kami mencatat butiran pertanyaan atau aduan anda dalam pangkalan data pelanggan kami. Kami juga mungkin meminta maklumat perhubungan anda bagi memastikan anda sentiasa dimaklumkan tentang status pertanyaan atau aduan anda.
      • 3.2 Penyertaan Promosi
        • Apakah yang diperlukan untuk tujuan ini?
          Shell sering mengadakan promosi untuk pelanggannya. Dalam sesetengah kes, kami akan meminta anda memberikan kami data peribadi anda melalui borang pendaftaran, iklan atau laman web untuk menyertai promosi tersebut.
        • Apakah data peribadi yang kami proses untuk tujuan ini?
          Jika anda memilih untuk menyertai promosi tersebut, kami mungkin memproses data peribadi yang anda berikan (termasuk nama, nombor telefon bimbit, umur, alamat dan alamat e-mel anda) bagi mendaftarkan atau mengesahkan penyertaan anda, menentukan sama ada anda memenuhi syarat promosi dan menghantar kepada anda apa-apa hadiah atau manfaat. Bergantung pada promosi, kami juga mungkin memproses maklumat tentang penyertaan anda dalam promosi, seperti mata, penyerahan atau hadiah/manfaat yang dimenangi.
      • 3.3 Tawaran untuk Produk dan Perkhidmatan Shell
        • Apakah yang diperlukan untuk tujuan ini?
          Sebagai pelanggan Shell, anda mungkin menerima tawaran dan maklumat daripada Shell ("Tawaran"). Tawaran tersebut mungkin termasuk tetapi tidak terhad kepada pemberian:
          • surat berita elektronik yang mengandungi tawaran dan maklumat am;
          • promosi Shell, minyak Shell atau baucar beli-belah;
          • kupon diskaun untuk produk kedai Shell.
          Anda mungkin menerima Tawaran melalui pos biasa, e-mel, SMS, media sosial, kupon, melalui Laman Web atau mana-mana saluran digital lain yang anda gunakan.
        • Apakah data peribadi yang kami proses untuk tujuan ini?
          Untuk menghantar Tawaran kepada anda, kami mungkin memproses data peribadi yang anda berikan (termasuk nama, alamat dan alamat e-mel, serta butiran kenderaan, termasuk nombor pendaftaran kenderaan anda). Bagi membolehkan kami memberi anda Tawaran yang lebih diperibadikan, Shell mungkin menganalisis sejarah pembelian anda (termasuk data tentang (i) produk tertentu yang anda beli, (ii) jumlah pembelian anda bagi setiap urus niaga, (iii) masa dan tempat pembelian yang anda buat, dan (iv) kaedah pembayaran yang anda gunakan), penggunaan Laman Web oleh anda, e-mel yang anda terima daripada Shell, lokasi berdasarkan alamat IP anda, penyertaan anda dalam promosi dan jawapan kaji selidik anda.
          Bagi menentukan pilihan anda, Shell juga mungkin menggabungkan data peribadi anda yang telah pun diketahui oleh anggota gabungan Shell, termasuk data yang diperolehi melalui laman web, aplikasi, kupon, media sosial, kaji selidik, promosi dan saluran digital yang lain; kad minyak jenama Shell dan kad pembayaran lain di tapak runcit Shell, berserta pembelian yang dibuat oleh pelanggan yang mempunyai minat yang sama dan maklumat sosiodemografi tambahan tentang diri anda daripada sumber pihak ketiga untuk menganalisis pembelian yang anda buat sebelum ini.
        • Memilih untuk tidak lagi menerima Tawaran
          Anda boleh berhenti daripada menerima Tawaran pada bila-bila masa dengan menghubungi Pusat Khidmat Pelanggan kami di 1-300-88-1808.
      • 3.4 Pentadbiran Promosi
        • Apakah yang diperlukan untuk tujuan ini?
          Kami memproses data peribadi anda untuk mentadbir penyertaan anda dalam Promosi.
        • Apakah data peribadi yang kami proses untuk tujuan ini?
          Kami mungkin memproses mana-mana atau kesemua data peribadi yang anda berikan semasa anda mendaftar dan menyertai Promosi, seperti nama, nombor telefon bimbit, umur, alamat dan alamat e-mel, serta butiran kenderaan bermotor seperti nombor pendaftaran kenderaan anda.
      • 3.5 Pengurusan teknikal dan fungsi Laman Web
        • Apakah yang diperlukan untuk tujuan ini?
          WApabila anda mengunjungi atau menggunakan Laman Web, kami memproses beberapa maklumat teknikal tentang diri anda (seperti alamat IP anda) untuk menyediakan fungsi perkhidmatan dalam talian kami kepada anda dan mengurusnya. Dengan maklumat teknikal ini, kami dapat mengurus Laman Web, contohnya, menyelesaikan kegagalan teknikal atau menjadikannya lebih andal.
        • Apakah data peribadi yang kami proses untuk tujuan ini?
          Kami memproses data teknikal seperti alamat IP komputer, tablet atau telefon pintar, butiran laman yang anda kunjungi di Laman Web, pelayar web yang anda gunakan untuk melayari Laman Web, laman web yang anda kunjungi sebelum/selepas itu dan tempoh kunjungan/sesi anda.
      • 3.6 Mencegah, mengesan dan menyiasat fraud
        • Apakah yang diperlukan untuk tujuan ini?
          Shell mungkin menggunakan data peribadi yang anda berikan kepada Shell untuk mencegah, mengesan dan menyiasat fraud, serta menguatkuasakan Terma dan Syaratnya.
    4. Siapakah yang mempunyai akses terhadap data anda?
      Shell mungkin mendedahkan data peribadi anda kepada mana-mana yang berikut:
      • Syarikat pihak ketiga yang diberi kuasa yang terlibat dalam pengendalian Promosi, seperti mana-mana syarikat lain yang dibenarkan untuk membekalkan produk dan/atau perkhidmatan kepada peserta-perserta Promosi;
      • Mana-mana ejen, penyedia perkhidmatan dan/atau subkontraktor Shell dan anggota gabungannya;
      • Mana-mana orang yang kepadanya Shell bercadang hendak memindahkan mana-mana hak dan/atau kewajipannya.
      Kecuali seperti yang dinyatakan dalam Dasar Privasi ini, kami tidak akan mendedahkan atau memproses mana-mana data peribadi anda tanpa kebenaran anda, melainkan kami berhak di sisi undang-undang atau dikehendaki oleh kontrak untuk berbuat demikian, atau jika kami percaya bahawa tindakan tersebut adalah perlu untuk melindungi dan/atau mempertahankan hak, harta atau keselamatan diri kami dan hak, harta atau keselamatan pengguna/pelanggan kami atau individu lain. Data peribadi anda akan diberikan kepada agensi penyeliaan, pihak berkuasa fiskal dan agensi siasatan hanya jika Shell dikehendaki berbuat demikian oleh undang-undang.
      Jika, pada bila-bila masa, anda ingin kami berhenti memproses Data Peribadi anda untuk mana-mana atau kesemua tujuan di atas, sila pilih keluar (opt-out) dengan menghubungi Pusat Khidmat Pelanggan kami di di 1-300-88-1808. Kami akan menghentikan penggunaan Data Peribadi anda untuk tujuan tersebut seberapa segera yang mungkin.
    5. Berapa lama data peribadi anda akan disimpan
      Data peribadi anda akan diproses selagi tujuan-tujuan perniagaan sah yang tersebut di atas masih wujud dan untuk jangka masa yang munasabah selepasnya. Kami juga akan menutup akaun anda (jika terpakai) seberapa segera yang mungkin apabila perhubungan komersial anda dengan Shell telah tamat. Kami akan menutup atau menyahaktifkan akaun yang cara penggunaannya melanggar Dasar Privasi ini atau Terma dan Syarat yang terpakai. Di bawah keadaan tertentu, seperti pencegahan fraud, kami akan menyimpan data peribadi daripada akaun yang ditutup atau dinyahaktifkan untuk tempoh masa yang lebih lama, atau selainnya mengambil tindakan yang dibenarkan atau dikehendaki oleh undang-undang.
    6. Apakah kuki (Cookie) yang digunakan oleh Shell?
      Laman Web menggunakan kuki atau teknologi yang serupa. Kuki ialah fail teks kecil yang dihantar kepada pelayar Internet anda supaya kami dapat mengecam pelayar anda apabila anda kembali ke laman web kami. Shell dan penyedia perkhidmatannya yang diberi kuasa mungkin menggunakan imej grafik kecil yang dikenali sebagai ‘GIF jelas’ (clear GIF) yang bekerjasama dengan kuki untuk mengenal pasti diri anda dan penggunaan Laman Web dan/atau Aplikasi oleh anda. Shell dan penyedia perkhidmatan tersebut juga mungkin menggunakan teknologi lain untuk menyimpan maklumat dalam pelayar anda dengan menggunakan objek perkongsian setempat atau storan setempat, seperti kuki HTML 5, kuki kilat (flash cookies) dan kaedah perisian aplikasi web yang lain.
      Dengan menggunakan teknologi ini, kami dapat mengumpul data tentang penggunaan Laman Web, seperti laman yang dikunjungi, interaksi anda dengan maklumat di Laman Web dan tempoh kunjungan anda.
      Kuki fungsian – SShell menyimpan kuki yang penting untuk menyediakan fungsi Laman Web dan/atau Aplikasi. Sebagai contoh, kuki mengingati pilihan anda, seperti bahasa dan rantau, yang kekal sebagai seting lalai anda apabila anda mengunjungi semula Laman Web dan/atau Aplikasi. Walau bagaimanapun, anda boleh memilih untuk menolak atau menyekat kuki yang ditetapkan oleh Shell, jika anda ingin berbuat demikian, dengan mengubah seting pelayar anda – lihat fungsi ‘Help’ dalam pelayar anda untuk butiran lanjut.
      Kuki analisis web – Shell mungkin menggunakan kuki pihak ketiga untuk analisis web. Kuki tersebut membolehkan Shell menganalisis penggunaan Laman Web dan/atau Aplikasi. Analisis ini bergantung pada data statistik teragregat yang diberikan kepada Shell oleh penyedia perkhidmatan Shell yang diberi kuasa dan membolehkan Shell memahami cara anda menggunakan Laman Web dan/atau Aplikasi. Shell dan penyedia perkhidmatan tersebut hanya boleh memberikan data tersebut kepada pihak ketiga jika dikehendaki oleh undang-undang.
      Kuki pengiklanan – Shell mungkin menggunakan kuki pihak ketiga untuk tujuan pengiklanan. Shell mungkin menggunakan penyedia perkhidmatan yang diberi kuasa untuk menyediakan iklan di Laman Web dan/atau Aplikasi serta laman web lain di Internet. Penyedia perkhidmatan tersebut mungkin meletakkan kuki pada pelayar anda, dan mungkin mengumpul maklumat yang membantu mereka mengenal pasti peranti anda, seperti alamat IP, atau pengenal unik atau pengecam peranti yang lain.
      Sila ambil perhatian bahawa kebanyakan pelayar menerima kuki secara automatik, jadi jika anda tidak mahu kuki digunakan, anda perlu menghapuskan atau menyekat kuki secara aktif.
      Anda juga boleh melayari www.allaboutcookies.org untuk butiran tentang cara menghapuskan atau menolak kuki dan maklumat lanjut tentang kuki secara umum. Untuk maklumat tentang penggunaan kuki dalam pelayar telefon bimbit dan butiran tentang cara menolak atau menghapuskan kuki tersebut, sila rujuk manual telefon bimbit anda.
      Walau bagaimanapun, ambil perhatian bahawa jika anda menolak penggunaan kuki, anda masih boleh melayari laman web kami, tetapi sesetengah fungsi mungkin tidak berfungsi dengan betul dan anda mungkin tidak lagi dapat menggunakan semua fungsi Laman Web.
    7. Notis Khas – jika anda berumur bawah 18 tahun?
      Shell tidak mengumpul data peribadi individu yang berumur bawah 18 tahun dengan sengaja. Jika anda berumur bawah 18 tahun, jangan hantar data peribadi anda kepada kami (contohnya, nama, alamat dan alamat e-mel anda). Jika anda berumur bawah 18 tahun dan anda ingin menanyakan soalan atau menggunakan Laman Web dengan apa-apa cara yang memerlukan anda mengemukakan data peribadi anda, minta ibu/bapa atau penjaga anda berbuat demikian bagi pihak anda.
    8. Bagaimanakah kami melindungi data peribadi anda?
      Kami telah melaksanakan teknologi dan dasar dengan objektif melindungi privasi anda daripada akses tanpa kebenaran dan penggunaan yang tidak wajar.
    9. Kepada siapakah pertanyaan dan permintaan untuk mengakses, memadam dan sebagainya perlu dikemukakan?
      Matlamat kami adalah untuk memastikan data kami tentang anda adalah setepat yang mungkin. Jika anda ingin menyemak semula, mengubah atau memadam butiran yang telah anda berikan kepada kami, sila hantar permintaan anda dengan menghubungi Pusat Khidmat Pelanggan kami di 1-300-88-1808.
    10. Pengubahsuaian dan Percanggahan
      Dasar Privasi ini mungkin diubah dari semasa ke semasa. Anda dinasihatkan supaya selalu menyemak Dasar Privasi ini untuk mengetahui perubahan yang mungkin dibuat. Jika terdapat percanggahan antara versi bahasa Inggeris dengan versi Bahasa Melayu notis ini, versi bahasa Inggeris hendaklah digunakan.