1. GRAB Partner Melaju Bersama Shell Helix Promo Program in 2021 (“Promotion”) is managed by PT. Shell Indonesia (“Shell”).
  2. Promotion Period runs from 1 September 2021 (00:01 a.m.) to 31 December 2021 (11.59 p.m.), both dates included, which Shell may extend and shorten without prior notice.
  3. This Promotion is open to all Shell consumers in Indonesia (“Participants”) at selected participating SHARE outlets (“Participating Stores”).
  4. Products that are eligible for this Promotion are:
    • Passenger Car Motor Oil (“PCMO”) Products
    • Shell Helix ECO 5W30 (1L and 3.5L packs)
    • Shell Helix ECO 0W20 (1L and 3.5L packs)
    • Shell Helix HX6 10W40 (1L and 4L packs)
    • Shell Helix HX7 5W40 (1L and 4L packs)
  5. To participate in the Promotion and redeem the Promotion Benefits:
    • Participants must register to become Shell Advantage Rewards (SHARE) members as customers and to give your consent to agree to this terms and conditions and to the Shell's privacy policy.
    • Participants will receive information about the promotion via SMS after the Participant has successfully registered for an account.
    • Participants must make oil changes at participating outlets to redeem the Promotion Benefits.
    • Participants must buy products that meet the requirements from participating outlets and service their cars using Products that meet the Promotion requirements at participating outlets for at least 3L with one of 1L packs, 3.5L packs and 4L packs.
    For the avoidance of doubt, Participants who purchase Products that qualify for the promotion from parties other than participating outlets are not eligible for this Promotion.
  6. Participants who fulfill all the steps mentioned in Article 5 can enjoy the following Promotion Benefits:
    • Passenger Car Motor Oil (“PCMO”) Products
    • For purchases and vehicle services with Shell Helix HX ECO 5W40 in 1L or 3.5L packs using this Program Promo Code, minimum of 3L: Grab Mart E-voucher of IDR. 50,000.
    • For purchases and vehicle services with Shell Helix HX ECO 0W20, with 1L or 3.5L pack using this Program Promo Code, minimum of 3L: Grab Mart E-voucher of IDR 50,000.
    • For purchases and vehicle services with Shell Helix HX6 10W40, with 1L or 4L packs using this Program Promo Code, minimum of 3L: Grab Mart E-voucher of IDR 50,000.
    • For purchases and vehicle services with Shell Helix HX7 5W40, with 1L or 4L pack using this Program Promo Code, minimum of 3L: Grab Mart E-voucher of IDR 100,000.
  7. Only one (1) Promo Code per SHARE account & one (1) vehicle plate number registered in SHARE account can be redeemed per month before the expiry date of the Promo Code at participating outlets. Further exchanges with the same / different vehicle inn the same month will not be served.
  8. Other Promo Code can be redeemed the following month before the expire date of the Promo Code.
  9. Prizes or promotion benefits cannot be cashed or replaced with other forms.
  10. By participating in this Promotion and redeeming Promotion Benefits, Participants expressly consent and agree to:
    • Participate in this Promotion and be bound by the Promotion Terms and Conditions, including all Shell decisions regarding the Promotion;
    • Permit Shell, its Affiliates and its agencies to process and disclose to third parties, all Participants' personal data provided by Participants for the Promotion for any and all purposes in connection with this Promotion and any and all other activities related to or arising out of the conduct of business or Shell businesses and its Affiliates. The terms and conditions of the privacy policy can be seen at https://www.shell.co.id/in_id/kebijakan-privasi/b2b-notice.html;;
    • Permit Shell to collect, use, disclose and share among itself and its service providers the personal data of Participants, including photos or audio-video recordings or other recordings containing Participants for publicity and/or use in advertisements in all media, in original or edited form, and to promote the Promotion or otherwise without further notice, remuneration or compensation; and
    • Authorizes Shell to process personal data of Participants in accordance with the terms of this Promotion and in accordance with the Promotion's privacy policy which is an integral part of the Promotion Terms and Conditions.
  11. All Shell decisions regarding all matters, including but not limited to Participants' eligibility status, Promotion mechanism and/or Promotion Benefits for this Promotion or in the event of a dispute, are final and binding and no correspondence or escalation will be served.
  12. Shell reserves the right to cancel, terminate or postpone this Promotion with or without prior notice. For the avoidance of doubt, the cancellation, termination or postponement of this Promotion by Shell does not entitle any party to claim or seek compensation against Shell for any and all losses or damages suffered or incurred by anyone as a direct or indirect result of any cancellation, termination, or delay action.
  13. Under any circumstances, Shell will not be liable for any loss or damages, including without limitation, loss of income, profit or goodwill, direct or indirect damages, incidental, consequential, to exemplify, punishable, or specific to any party, including third parties, regardless of whether it arises under contract, statutory damages, negligence or otherwise, in connection with this Promotion, even if Shell has been notified of this possibility of damages in advance, and all such damages are expressly excluded.
  14. All Participants are solely responsible for all taxes, duties, government fees or other fees that may be levied against them under applicable law, if any, in connection with this Promotion.
  15. Shell reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to change, delete or add to any of these Terms and Conditions from time to time without prior notice.
  16. These Terms and Conditions, as may be changed from time to time, apply to the terms or statements mentioned in other promotional materials that advertise this Promotion.
  17. For more information, please visit the Shell Advantage Rewards (SHARE) website at www.shell.co.id/share, or contact SHARE Customer Service at 021 - 535 8834.
  18. If there is any inconsistency, ambiguity or difference between the English and Indonesian versions of these Terms and Conditions, the Indonesian version of these Terms and Conditions will prevail.